On March 5, 2013, Wing Commander: New Horizon MUSH was shut down due to lack of activity. Thanks to the staff and players for your support. We had a good run and created some amazing memories. Keep in touch on the Facebook page for the game, which will be preserved.

The entire game's codebase and database (minus player information) has been open-sourced and released to the public, and the game itself is back up to help support the code at 2199!

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Market Watch: Used Ships

Hello, I'm Rai Kyssdal, and this is Market Watch.

Today we take a look at the new & used ship markets of the Enigma Sector. With the recent crisis on Inferno, transport ships have been disappearing from sales lots all over the Sector. This latest round of buying comes after several months of sustained growth in the light and medium transport segments. With shipyards around the galaxy still ramping up production to meet demand, it seems likely that there could be a short-term shortage of transport-class vessels in the Enigma Sector, which perhaps might lead to an increase in private sales of used ships.

In other news, bean sprout futures fell almost four percent in after-hours trading Monday...

(Posted March 31 2012 07:00 UTC)