On March 5, 2013, Wing Commander: New Horizon MUSH was shut down due to lack of activity. Thanks to the staff and players for your support. We had a good run and created some amazing memories. Keep in touch on the Facebook page for the game, which will be preserved.

The entire game's codebase and database (minus player information) has been open-sourced and released to the public, and the game itself is back up to help support the code at 2199!

IC - Enigma Sector News Net (RSS Item)

Terror in the Inferno Spaceport!

(Submitted by Elena Flowers, ESNN Coorespondent)

Today in the docking bay of the Inferno mining colony, we took a step into the past; here we met people who still believed the Kilrathi people were the everpresent boogeymen of the galaxy, something to frighten innocent human children as their families traveled the reaches of the galaxy.

This is both mystifying and very sad. Violence erupted when alleged members of the Veterans of the Kilrathi War tried to segregate evacuation lines on the colony, preventing Kilrathi from boarding evacuation ships before humans could. Members of the Simply Results consulting firm, helping oversee and organise the evacuation, were forced into action as tensions reached a breaking point, with the suspected VKW members brandishing stunrods and shotguns.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported at the time of writing, though quite a few frayed nerves likely resulted from the short period of open fighting in the crowded spaceport.

(Posted March 28 2012 07:00 UTC)