On March 5, 2013, Wing Commander: New Horizon MUSH was shut down due to lack of activity. Thanks to the staff and players for your support. We had a good run and created some amazing memories. Keep in touch on the Facebook page for the game, which will be preserved.

The entire game's codebase and database (minus player information) has been open-sourced and released to the public, and the game itself is back up to help support the code at 2199!

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Special Report: Infernal Designs (

"Now, these gibbering piles of pink waste are telling us to leave our home because, oh, hey, some jerks put a bomb there, and we turned it on by accident. So sorry. Hope you like your new place. By the way, your debts are not forgiven, it's up to you to figure out how you're going to pay back the loan of, you know, your life.

"Thanks, Consortium. Thanks a lot. I'm here to represent you. I'm here to make sure your needs are heard by the beef-swilling man-apes who'd rather you rot in a cargo hold than man up to their inability to do anything to stop something they put in motion all by themselves. That's what the Infernal Design Union is all about."

Harvey Yendor is the President of the new but rapidly growing 'Infernal Design Union,' a civilian organization whose stated intent is to "represent the citizens, workers, and shareholders of Inferno, no matter where they may be or whose thumb they're under."

(Posted March 28 2012 07:00 UTC)