On March 5, 2013, Wing Commander: New Horizon MUSH was shut down due to lack of activity. Thanks to the staff and players for your support. We had a good run and created some amazing memories. Keep in touch on the Facebook page for the game, which will be preserved.

The entire game's codebase and database (minus player information) has been open-sourced and released to the public, and the game itself is back up to help support the code at 2199!

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ESNN Opinion: Attack Aftermath

Can citizens of New Zurich really consider themselves safe, after all the recent attacks?

Surely, ESC Coordinated Security and ESC Extra-Spatial Security are doing their best to protect us. And for the most part, they've done a great job. More power to them.

But that's precisely it: Are we LETTING them do their job? Time after time lobbyist and special interest groups have assaulted the corporate leaders of the ESC with threats of boycott and brand loyalty shifts, demanding that the Big Three shift spending away from civil protection organizations such as CoordSec and ExtraSec and towards what amount to civic arts and crafts!

Do we really need more statues, more subways, and more spaceports if we can't keep what we have safe from terrorists and madmen? When elections come around this year, put your dividends where your heart lies: at home. Elect to invest in the defense budget, in security, in a safe and happy future. Don't waste your dividends and shareholder rights on arts and crafts.

If you're ready, willing, and able, consider a career in CoordSec, or apply for ExtraSec duty. With some of the best pay and retirement options available, the ESC Shareholder Defense Network is the best way to protect your Enigma Sector investments... and your lives.

(Posted March 23 2012 07:00 UTC)