On March 5, 2013, Wing Commander: New Horizon MUSH was shut down due to lack of activity. Thanks to the staff and players for your support. We had a good run and created some amazing memories. Keep in touch on the Facebook page for the game, which will be preserved.

The entire game's codebase and database (minus player information) has been open-sourced and released to the public, and the game itself is back up to help support the code at 2199!

WCNH Newbie Guide Part 1: What is WCNH & How to Connect

What is WCNH?

Wing Commander: New Horizon MUSH is a text-based interactive storytelling game, with aspects similar to tabletop RPGs (but on a larger, 24x7 scale), forum/IRC roleplaying (but real-time, and designed for RP), and MMO games (but fully text-based and focused on roleplaying), set in the Wing Commander video game universe. It's completely free to play.

On WCNH, you, the player, play a single character, a human or Kilrathi living in the Enigma Sector in the year 2731 (40 years after the end of a massive human-Kilrathi war). You and the other players of the game collaboratively tell a story, like an interactive novel - you write what your character does, along with all the other players, and the staff of WCNH help write the story of the other citizens of the Enigma Sector. There are hundreds of layers to the 'overall story', and you can participate in all of them, from simply making friends (and enemies!) with other characters to changing the course of the in-game history.

MUSHes like WCNH represent perhaps the truest form of a 'sandbox' or 'go anywhere, do anything' game. As long as you keep it 'in character' (IC) for the character you write, there's very few limits on what you can and can't do!

Like many deep, immersive games, WCNH does have a learning curve that can last a few days. This guide is designed to help you get through the worst of it. You can always feel free to ask your fellow players for help, too. One thing that really sets MUSH games like WCNH apart from other online games is the community - almost everyone is friendly and happy to answer questions.

An example roleplay 'scene'

If none of this is making sense yet, check out this example log, of two characters meeting for the first time. We call this a 'scene' - two or more characters interacting by trading 'poses', describing what their character is doing, of about a paragraph or so in length. Scenes like this one happen throughout the day on WCNH. If the thought of writing something like this is intimidating, stick with it; you'll find it's a lot easier than you might think.

Connecting to the game

If you're brand new to MUSHing, you can easily connect using our Flash-based client. It connects automatically; just wait a few seconds, and you'll see the connection screen. You can type commands to the game in the small bottom bar, and you'll see output back from the game in the large window on top.

Eventually, you'll want to install a MUSH client that can run on your desktop (see our Clients page for some recommendations).

If you are an experienced MU*er, you can connect to the game via 2199 (2299 for SSL).

Getting a character

Once you see the connection screen, if you have questions about the game prior to making a character, you can connect as a guest using 'connect guest guest'. Or, you can register a 'real' character using 'register "first last"'. For example, typing 'register "Joe Smith"' (note the double quotes - they're important!) will register a character named Joe Smith, and send the password to You can change the name later, so don't worry too much about it for now - just make something up.

Within a few minutes, you'll receive an email with your initial password. Once you get it, you can connect to your character using 'connect name password'. For example, if you registered a character named Joe and the password you received via e-mail was 1234, you would just type 'connect Joe 1234'.

If you have any issues with getting a character, log in as a guest and let us know and we'll be happy to help.

Learning more

Now that you've mastered logging into the game, the rest of this Guide will help get you through the character creation process and into the game.