On March 5, 2013, Wing Commander: New Horizon MUSH was shut down due to lack of activity. Thanks to the staff and players for your support. We had a good run and created some amazing memories. Keep in touch on the Facebook page for the game, which will be preserved.

The entire game's codebase and database (minus player information) has been open-sourced and released to the public, and the game itself is back up to help support the code at 2199!

Headline News

Savior of Inferno

ESNN has obtained flight plan records filed with Inferno Orbital Control during the Temblor crisis that nearly resulted in the destruction of Inferno. The plans show the names of every pilot in the Enigma Sector who selflessly dedicated themselves to the speedy evacuation of Inferno citizens in their time of need. While dozens of pilots dedicated themselves to this noble cause, it is somewhat surprising that the name at the top of the list is a familiar one. Diana Cabrera, Simply Results CEO, appears to have evacuated nearly four thousand refugees by herself, more than twice the number of any other pilot. Upon receipt of this news, a number of Inferno citizens have come together with a pledge to construct and dedicate a statue in honor of Ms. Cabrera's sacrifice. The statue, depicting Ms. Cabrera as the newly proclaimed 'Savior of Inferno', will be erected in the main landing port of Inferno's largest mining colony. The actions of Ms. Cabrera's company, Simply Results, may still be questionable at best given recent events. However, it is clear from these recent events that Ms. Cabrera's personal motivations are above reproach.

Inferno Destruction Averted

Our top story tonight is the improbable and daring rescue of Inferno from near-certain destruction. At 1900 hours Galactic Standard Time on Saturday, a team of volunteers organized on Pembroke Station located and neutralized the Temblor Bomb on Inferno. The team was composed of several representatives, both Kilrathi and Terran, from a number of Enigma Sector businesses, including the well-known Simply Results. The team was led by Ri'tak Sihkag, a Kilrathi scientist from Cabrea who has become well-known in recent months as a highly qualified independent contractor on several high profile jobs. But the question remains: Is Inferno truly safe? Thousands of refugees now find themselves in the difficult position of deciding whether to return to their previous lives or seek fortunes elsewhere. ESNN managed to obtain an exclusive interview with one of the Inferno rescue team members, and what we have learned may stun our audience. The team member, who has asked to remain anonymous for personal reasons, told ESNN that the Temblor Bomb is /still on Inferno/. According to our source, the bomb remains buried several kilometers beneath the surface of the planet. The team rendered the remote detonator safe, but they were unable to neutralize or recover the bomb itself. This begs the question of whether it's possible the bomb could be reactivated at a later date. Are the citizens of Inferno really willing to take that chance? And, the most important question: Was this supposed 'rescue' team willing to let those innocent people of Inferno live in blissful ignorace of the planet-destroyer that will continue to lie dormant beneath their very feet? It was also revealed to ESNN that the detonator for the bomb was being housed in a war-era Kilrathi research facility that was hidden beneath the surface of Inferno. Recovered data logs indicate that the Terran inventor of the bomb, one Dr. Philip Severin, was kidnapped by the Kilrathi during the war and somehow coerced into developing the Temblor for the Kilrathi Empire. This begs the question of how much the Terran Confederation knew about this from the start. They were clearly incapable of protecting humanity's best interests 50 years ago, and it seems as if they remain either equally incapabale - or simply unwilling - to this day. ESNN will continue to bring you more on the Inferno situation as it becomes available. But for now, the question of whether Inferno is safe - or simply living on borrowed time - must be answered by each individual citizen who calls the planet their home.

ESC/KC Announcement

"We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a special announcement from the Enigma Sector Consortium." A jaunty news theme plays, and the image changes to the familiar sight of an ESC press conference. The man behind the podium is a middle-aged white male in a very expensive suit. Next to him is an exceedingly large Kilrathi with jet black fur save for a white stripe that runs down the center of his face. The subtitling on the screen identifies him as Press Secretary Mark Hompsand accompanied by Kilrathi Commonwealth Representative Baxu Sihkag. "Good evening," the human speaks. "In light of the recent crisis on Pembroke, the Consortium and the Kilrathi Commonwealth have come together in order to find a long term solution to the sudden influx of refugees that are overwhelming other worlds in the Enigma Sector. Tonight, I am pleased to announce that we have reached a historic agreement that will be hugely beneficial to both species. The Commonwealth and the Consortium will be pooling our resources in order to successfully terraform the first planet in the Bistango System." "Many of you may be familiar with the history of this particular planet. Prior to the war, Bistango was a human colony renowned for its unrivaled collection of Terran antiques and artifacts that pre-dated human space travel. The planet was also home to several facilities specializing in astrozoological research. During the war, the Kilrathi Empire launched a blitzkrieg attack on the planet that killed thousands and wiped out the majority of its infrastructure. The planet has been uninhabited since the end of the war due to the lack of atmospheric generators needed to make it hospitable." "In the coming months, humans and Kilrathi will come together in order to make Bistango a suitable new home for thousands of displaced Pembroke refugees. At the same time, it will be an opportunity to acknowledge how far our two races have come since the end of the war. Private organizations throughout the sector can look forward to a plethora of contracts related to the terraforming operation in coming weeks. Thank you." Before the conference can end, a reporter shouts out, "Mr. Hompsand! What about Inferno? What will the ESC do about the bomb?" Hompsand turns back to the podium, "At this time, the Consortium and the Commonwealth have both agreed that our efforts and resources are best spent on the Bistango Project. With the successful evacuation of all Pembroke citizens thanks to the enormous showing of good will by volunteers throughout the sector, it has been decided that the remaining infrastructure on the planet is within the limits of acceptable loss. There are other planets in the Pembroke System that can be mined in the future. This is the time to heal and move on, not the time to dwell on the past." Hompsand and his Kilrathi cohort leave the stage amidst a roar of questions.