On March 5, 2013, Wing Commander: New Horizon MUSH was shut down due to lack of activity. Thanks to the staff and players for your support. We had a good run and created some amazing memories. Keep in touch on the Facebook page for the game, which will be preserved.

The entire game's codebase and database (minus player information) has been open-sourced and released to the public, and the game itself is back up to help support the code at 2199!

Example Log

Osa Ja'targk took a nice shuttle ride only to end up exactly where she was. Stepping off the shuttle with a multitude of other people she'll head off towards the elevators, having to pass by quite a number of ships to do so. As she walks by John Taylor she'll give him a nod of acknowledgement down to the shorter man. Why? Who knows. But she does. Maybe she's feeling friendly.

John Taylor returns the nod with a cheery smile and a greeting, "Hi" as he walks past the ships on the space port, heading towards the Teuge, his positive outlook on life back again, though he still has a very slight limp.

Who can resist a cheery smile and a hello? Osa certainly can't, the female Kilrathi taken aback for a moment by the greeting though she's slowing in her steps and nodding again, "Hello." She greets back, head canting to the side as she eyes the man curiously, "You're in a good mood." She has no idea who John is, but he's cheery and she feels the need to state the obvious.

John Taylor releases a quick chuckle, as he stops and turns towards the Kilrathi, "Of course, I'm alive, I've got a good ship, and adventure is just around the corner, can't you feel it?". John seems to be a bit of an adrenaline junky, he shows signs of recent injuries, mostly to his face.

Osa Ja'targk stops her path out of the spaceport as well, eyes dancing lightly at this Human, "That's a very good outlook on life." As for the scars on his face those are given a cursory look though she doesn't ask about them, instead presses hands to her hips as she looks down at John, "I can feel it ..adventure is everywhere."

John Taylor licks his lips, almost as if he is tasting adventure in the air, "Exactly!" he exclaims, he is in a very good mood today. He has taken a strong liking to this kilrathi's and her attitude towards adventure, "So what brings you to this part of the sector?" he says with a large cheesy grin.

Osa Ja'targk chuckles softly, her right hip leaned upon, quick glance given around her to make sure she's not in the way of any people hauling cargo around the ships, "Me? I live here on Vespus, just... taking a very long walk." Her teeth will get flashed in a wide smile as she shrugs, "Yourself?"

John Taylor gives a slight whistle showing that he is impressed; not many people can afford to actually live on Vespus. He gives a slight shrug, "I'm looking for some people for my business, was hoping to find one or two here, but if not, I'll find some elsewhere." he grins.

Osa Ja'targk smirks at the whistle, holding back comment with a lick of her lips, a shoulder rolling up again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, "What sort of business do you have? I've been looking at picking up a few new contracts, always willing to tip an ear to an opportunity."

John Taylor continues grinning, he says, "It's going to sound a bit boring, but I run a delivery service, though we will do anything that comes our way", he gets a slight twinkle in his eye when he mention the anything that comes up part and he gives a sly smirk.

Oh. That has Osa suddenly straightening up as she listens to his words, ears turning back as her eyes narrow. Say whaaaa. Considering what he's just said she will crouch down slightly, enough so that she gets on Johns' level, gaze searching his face, "I am a medical professional not a ..ah." How does she put this delicately, "...comfort. Woman." She enunciates those words clearly in her whiskied voice, head shaking, "I'm sorry if I somehow ..communicated that but. I'm not looking to engage in that particular profession." She's not going to join your Whores R' Us Mobile! But hey, knowing John is gigolo is good information to have! Maybe she can refer some people his way. Though he is a bit thin, but who can account for people's taste these days, especially women.

John Taylor bursts out laughing, nearly falling to the ground, he is rather clumsy when on land. "I think you have me wrong, that's not the other stuff I had in mind. Though if there's money to be made in that sort of business..." he considers it for a moment, but decides better. "I could actually use a medical professional, you'd be surprised how often people get injured in 'Package Delivery'". The way he says it makes it clear that's really not how people get hurt.

Double entendre!! John really isn't helping the situation here by emphasizing 'package delivery', no matter how much he assures her otherwise. Seriously. Her lip has curled and she's staring at John as he tries to be all sly with his wording. Back up she straightens, eyeing this crazy Human who might be a hoochie with a wary eye, "Well." She'll finally venture, whiskers twitching lightly as her tail dances behind her in slow sweeps, left and right, "I... suppose even people in your line of work need... medical attention. What are you looking at offering for a contract? Hours? Expectations of workload in any given week?"

John Taylor continues to chuckle, he never even considered the double entendre. He becomes more serious at the mention of a contract, "Well, we wouldn't need a full time doctor, unless that was what you were after, more someone we can come and see with no questions asked. There might be the odd bullet wound, or worse, But good money in it for you", he says quietly so that no one around can hear.

Osa Ja'targk's tongue runs between her razory teeth in contemplation as she looks down at the human, considering what he's offered. Working on a 'as needed' basis for a bunch of hoochie mommas who get shot at? "That could work for me. Do you have a time when we can talk privately and not..." She will straighten up and gesture loosely around her and all of the people moving in and out of the area all around them, "Here?"

John Taylor looks around cautiously, before nodding, "I'll be around here for a few days, I'll add you to the roster on the Wren, and we can talk there later." Now that the business talk is over, his smile returns.

Osa Ja'targk nods her head and takes a step back away from the man, a smile playing over her lip as she gives him a light salute with her left hand, "Of course." Then something hits her and she grins a little wider, "Your name?"

John Taylor chuckles at his forgetfulness, "Oh, of course. My name is John Taylor, and yours?"

"Osa." She offers, amber gaze dancing, "Feel free to contact me at my handle, 'Osa' when you're available for a time to meet, John Taylor." Turning around she'll head off, back off towards the elevators to go elsewhere in New Zurich.