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The entire game's codebase and database (minus player information) has been open-sourced and released to the public, and the game itself is back up to help support the code at 2199!

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Aug 6

Curiosity Landing Show

Jul 1

ESC Board Meeting

A special public ESC Board meeting to solicit input from the public over tensions with the Kilrathi prompted by the recent grisly murder of Vanessa Scotts.

Jun 17

ESC Board Special Meeting

A special meeting of the ESC Board, to address concerns raised at the last regular meeting ("ESC Shareholders Up in Arms"). For ESC member corporation shareholders ONLY. Crashing the meeting would be terribly bad form.

Apr 29

Morpheus Supernova

The predicted supernova of the Morpheus star is expected to occur at this time.

Apr 25

Morpheus Supernova Summit

An open meeting will be held where the great scientific minds of the Enigma Sector can discuss the ramifications of the Morpheus supernova. Data will be compared and theories will be presented for discussion. This is an all-day event. People may come and go at their leisure.

Apr 21

Pembroke Station Open House

An open house meet and greet for business owners and entrepreneurs in the Enigma Sector will be hosted on the Promenade of the newly completed Pembroke Station. This is an opportunity to network, socialize, and make new contacts. Security will be handled by contract. Violence will result in offenders being ejected from an airlock. Wine and refreshments will be available. This is an all day event. People may come and go at their leisure.

Apr 14

Private Auction

Spencer Cole, owner of Cole & Briggs Shipping (Callsign: Cole&Briggs), hereby announces the sale of several unclaimed items expected to fetch high prices. Possible bidders are asked to inquire with Mr. Cole about the nature of these items, at their discretion. Advance bids may also be made to Mr. Cole, with half of the money up front and the rest paid on procurement. The auction will be held in the Commerce Level of New Zurich, on Vespus 1. Dress code: Business Formal. Refreshments will be served, to both human and Kilrathi tastes.

Apr 7

Temblor Mission

The members of the task force dedicated to rendering the Temblor bomb safe will be dispatched to the surface of Inferno. Their actions will decide the fate of the planet.

Mar 31

Inferno Tremblor conference.

The IC discussion of the tremblor bomb situation unfolding on Pembroke A I(Inferno), and where we will be working towards a swift resolution.

Mar 29

Pembroke Evacuation Plot

This will be a "surprise" plot regarding Pembroke's refugees. Any character at all involved in the refugee situation is welcome to participate, and should be somewhere in the Pembroke system (either on-planet, station, or in a ship in the system) to participate.

Headline News (RSS Feed)

Chaos on Cabrea

March 23, 2732

This is Brad Lockjaw for ESNN, reporting on the tragic events on Cabrea.

A massive explosion ripped through Terrantown, the human slum in Traggil, Cabrea. An apartment complex housing many humans was completely destroyed, leaving nothing more than a smoking crater and heavily damaging adjacent structures. A good number of refugees from Inferno and evacuees from Vespus were said to be living there.

A few Kilrathi passing on the streets were also killed, and the Kilrathi Commonwealth government has vowed to avenge their deaths upon the "honorless cowards" who committed this atrocity. As for the human dead, the Commonwealth spokesperson shrugged and referred us to ESC ExtraSec.

As of yet, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. In light of their recent activities, Ka nar Zaga came under early suspicion. When asked if they were involved, a Ka nar Zaga spokesperson asked if there were any bodies left. When told that all the bodies had been vaporized in the explosion, the spokesperson thought for a moment, then explained that he doubted that they were involved.

Other suspects include extremist elements of the Veterans of the Kilrathi War, who may have accidentally targeted humans instead of Kilrathi on Cabrea; The True and Honest Free Man's Press, which has been tied to similar bombings in Sting; and possibly a third, previously unknown group. Authorities are pursuing all leads.

Scotts meeting political analysis

January 27, 2732

This is Brad Lockjaw, for ESNN, with a hard-hitting report from the ESC Board meeting earlier this month on Pembroke Station promenade, near the JSF offices.

The ESC Board sought to allay public concerns after the brutal murder of Vanessa Scotts, a well-liked member of the Guinterin security forces. Also, she was quite a looker; have you seen her file photo? It's always a tragedy when someone hot dies.

Barnabas White, Director of Investor Relations for the ESC Board, was clearly uncomfortable in the role of speaking directly to the general public, although he acquitted himself well enough. The Board is seeking a new Director of Public Relations, in anticipation of further public Board events.

One moment of excitement in an otherwise dull meeting was when Diana Cabrera herself, 'Savior of Inferno' and 'Investigator of the Year', arrived. She didn't announce herself, but she didn't have to; all eyes were turned on her the moment she walked in, although those in the front of promenade couldn't see her over the backs of the others.

Barnabas White, after announcing the latest progress in the Scotts murder investigation, then announced that he was taking questions by tightbeam.

The first question was whether or not Diana Cabrera was as amazing in person. Mr. White declined to answer this question, to the disappointment of all watching the meeting, instead referring it to Ms. Cabrera.

Other questions he answered included whether or not Kilrathi consider us delicious (it varies on the individual Kilrathi), whether the New Zurich relocation plan will be repeated in other places (Vespus is a unique case), whether New Zurich is truly safe from the 'rogue' Kilrathi (Kilrathi have been evicted from Vespus, and will not be allowed to return for the time being, with the assumption that all are under suspicion until the investigation has completed), whether the Commonwealth has raised concerns in diplomatic channels (the Commonwealth understands the Consortium's legitimate security concerns), whether Ka nar Zaga will be compensated for losses if it proves to be a legitimate business after all (this is open to arbitration proceedings), will Kilrathi be protected from anti-Kilrathi groups (the Kilrathi can take care of their own), and that Vanessa Scotts WILL have justice. As a human being, I certainly rest easier at night knowing the ESC is looking out for me against these murderous Kilrathi cannibals.

(Lockjaw pauses.)

I'm being reminded that they aren't actually cannibals if they're just eating humans. I apologize to our viewers for the inaccuracy.

Finally, Mr. White was asked to reveal Katie Kilometer's personal comm handle. He declined to disclose it, but I've got her on speed dial, and I'm happy to share with--I'm being told I can't do that on a public broadcast.

This concludes my hard-hitting political analysis of the ESC Board meeting. Next up, celebrity gossip: Woman claims to be secretly married to Karl von Sprechen!

Relocation program a success

January 2, 2732

This is Brad Lockjaw, for ESNN, no longer filling in for Katie Kilometers. Thanks for the letter of recommendation, Katie! You're a doll.

New Zurich authorities are reporting that the Board-mandated relocation program has been a complete success. We interviewed residents of New Zurich to get their reactions, which were overwhelmingly positive.

"I can't believe how much nicer the city is without all those hobos in it!"

"The streets have never been so clean. I almost slipped on a patch of freshly-cleaned pavement last week!"

"I was skeptical at first, but the relocation program was the right thing for New Zurich. Things have never been so good here."

"The parties aren't nearly as wild, man. Hey, gotta run, I think I hear Salah's goons coming."

And there you have it: The relocation program has accomplished all of its goals ahead of schedule, and under budget. As a result, the ESC Board has decided to close out the enforcement contract; immigration and custom responsibilities will return to normal star port authorities.

The Board warns that the enforcement contract may be renewed if there is a reflux in unauthorized residents to New Zurich.

And now for a quick update on the Vanessa Scotts story: It turns out that our very own Katie Kilometers was present at the time Ms. Scotts was brutally murdered, and will be giving us an exclusive interview, once she's been released from the psychiatric ward at New Zurich Central Hospital.

(A publicity photo of a slender, amply endowed brunette underwear model with the name 'KATIE KILOMETERS' floating above it flashes on the screen.)

Also, in recognition of her generous public service, a plaque has been added to the Diana Cabrera statue on Inferno, declaring her "Investigator of the Year" for her tireless, public-minded pursuit of answers in the Scotts slaying.

Tensions high after Scotts murder

December 26, 2731

Brad Lockjaw for ESNN, following up on the recent horrific events in the New Zurich Basement Levels.

CoordSec is continuing to pursue "all leads" in the matter of the slaying of Vanessa Scotts, the Guinterin Combine security officer who was murdered in the line of duty while protecting a VIP at Chez Hannibal's, although they would not confirm nor deny whether they were considering the ridiculous suggestion that the ESC was somehow complicit in the events at Chez Hannibal's.

(The same glamor shot of the Guinterin officer that was posted in the first story flashes on screen again, lingering much longer than necessary on her pleasing curves.)

While CoordSec is only releasing limited details at this time, due to this being an active and ongoing investigation, CoordSec is confirming that the slaying of Ms. Scotts was carried out by multiple young male Kilrathi connected to the "Ka nar Zaga" fitness gyms.

In light of the development that this was not the work of a lone "feral" Kilrathi, patriotic Enigman groups, like the Veterans of the Kilrathi War, are clamoring louder than ever for the complete ejection of all Kilrathi from the sector, although this would abrogate several treaties with the Kilrathi Commonwealth, and is not being considered seriously by the ESC Board at this time.

Seeking to allay the public's concerns, the Board will be convening a special emergency meeting at 2000 on January 5, 2732, open to the public. Due to the special security restrictions in place on New Zurich, the meeting will be held by teleconference on Pembroke Station.

The Board would also like to convey its gratitude for the assistance of the "Savior of Inferno," Diana Cabrera, in investigating the tragic events on New Zurich. The Board laments that there are not more public-minded citizens like Ms. Cabrera, willing to put the common good before selfish and petty personal vendettas.

In other news, the recovery of 20th century artifacts from an authentic "basement dwelling" on Bistango has been completed successfully, paving the way for the Bistango terraforming project to continue.

There was a brief dispute over the disposition of the artifacts, with ESC archaeological consulant Wisconsin "Whiskey" Smith demanding that they "belonged in a museum". When informed that this was precisely where the artifacts are being sent, Dr. Smith withdrew his objections.

Investigation Followup

December 15, 2731

Good evening, I'm Brad Lockjaw. Tonight, we continue to examine the circumstances surrounding the mauling of a Guinterine Combine security officer by an unidentified Kilrathi attacker on the lower levels of New Zurich. ESC CoordSec has released a statement confirming the apprehension of the attacker, and promising a "swift and fair" application of justice. However, the CoordSec spokesperson went on to say that they can't be sure how many other rogue Kilrathi accomplices may have been associated with this offender. New Zurich residents are encouraged to remain in their homes until ESC security personnel can conclude their investigation. Non-residents, meanwhile, are strongly encouraged to leave New Zurich immediately for their own safety.

The attack has fueled the fire on both sides of the debate on whether Kilrathi and humans can continue to coexist peacefully. Radical groups from both species are calling for immediate action. The Veterans of the Kilrathi War, a human faction well known for their hostile attitude toward all Kilrathi, is offering a free M22A3 Battle Rifle to all new members who join their organization with a pledge to oppose "the Kilrathi menace". You may remember the VKW from their involvement in the Inferno Crisis, when their attempt to segregate evacuees by species resulted in a riot that left several injured.

Meanwhile, a group known only as the "Stars of Sivar" has released a statement calling for all "true and honorable Kilrathi" to attend a series of town hall-style meetings across Cabrea. Little is known about this relatively new organization other than the mission statement on its extranet site, which states that they are "a group of like-minded Kilrathi who seek a return to honor and tradition while minimizing needless conflict."

We will bring you more as it becomes available.

To serve Man?

December 13, 2731

This is Brad Lockjaw, with an ESNN special bulletin.

ESC CoordSec officers were called to a horrific scene today in the Basement Levels of New Zurich. A female security officer working for the Guinterin Combine was mauled and eaten alive by Kilrathi while providing executive protection at an eating establishment popularly known as "Chez Hannibal's," after its North African head chef.

(A picture of a smiling, highly attractive redhead with sparkling hazel eyes and perfect breasts, suited up in tight, form-fitting conformal body armor, lingers on screen for far longer than strictly necessary.)

Witnesses described the attack as "beastly" and "too awful for words." Our reporters on the scene were unable to gather more detailed accounts than that, and CoordSec had sealed off the premises, preventing us from getting a closer look for you, our loyal viewers.

Authorities later determined the restaurant to be an unauthorized eating establishment, connected with the popular "Ka nar Zaga" chain of "train like a Kilrathi" fitness gyms. CoordSec is currently seeking information about the whereabouts of anyone connected to Ka nar Zaga, Chez Hannibal's, and anyone else who was present at the scene.

The Kilrathi Commonwealth is claiming the actions of the Kilrathi at Chez Hannibal's was an isolated incident, no more than "feral" Kilrathi dishonoring themselves with an unsanctioned killing, but tensions are running understandably high. Vespus authorities have banned all Kilrathi from the system, effective immediately. Concerned citizens in other systems have called for similar bans.

As for reports that the ESC condoned this activity, the ESC Board released a statement condemning such baseless allegations in the strongest possible terms. CoordSec is quite interested in following up on this "audiolog" released by "FloweryTruth," a notoriously unreliable member of what we in the real media derogatorily term the "free press."

Kilrathi apologists noted that, while abhorrent in its own way, Kilrathi eating humans is not technically cannibalism, and that we should try to be more understanding of extraterrestial cultures.

To which, the average man on the streets of New Zurich replied, "Stuff it."

Up next, with the mass exodus of migrants and Kilrathi from New Zurich, can the mass transit system keep up? The ESC Board is considering further investments in...

New Zurich relocation update

December 5, 2731

This is Brad Lockjaw, filling in for Katie Kilometers, who is currently on a leave of absence for medical reasons.

With the fulfillment of the security contract for the New Zurich relocation initiative, the ESC Board is preparing to move full steam ahead with the implementation of the tightened population control measures.

The ESC Board has announced that Phase I, "Voluntary Resettlement," has concluded, and more forceful action will be taken against any remaining non-authorized persons from this date forward, once due warning has been given.

Also, all authorized persons with legitimate business will be required to carry proof of authorization at all times while on Vespus. As always, movement outside of New Zurich city limits is strictly forbidden except for registered property owners.

The ESC Board apologizes for any inconvenience to legitimate businesses, and anticipates that the regulations will be loosened once the current crisis has passed. Your patience and cooperation are appreciated.

Reaction among New Zurich residents seems to be positive at this point, with several residents interviewed expressing relief that something is finally being done about all the off-worlders overcrowding their fair city.

Now for the latest gravball scores. The Pembroke Bonebreakers lived up to their reputation by...

New Zurich relocation

November 25, 2731

This is Katie Kilometers, for ESNN. All those things that 'FloweryTruth' said about me were scandalous lies.

The ESC Board has announced that existing population control regulations will be enforced more rigorously on New Zurich from this point forward, due to an undesirable influx of individuals with no legitimate business on Vespus.

Contracts will soon be announced for security personnel to take part in ensuring compliance with the Board's decision. No transport contracts have been tendered at this time; the Board would like to focus on voluntary compliance at the present time.

We'll keep you updated as this story progresses. And no, I did not get my job by sleeping around! *nervous laugh* Does anyone really believe that?

Careban Temple of Sivar Jaqtahr

November 14, 2731

For the second time this year, the Temple of Sivar on Cabrea II has announced the succession of a new Jaqtahr. Priestess Osa Ja'targk will take over the position from former Jaqtahr Makhar Ja'targk, who earlier today announced his retirement citing health concerns. Historically, a Kilrathi Jaqtahr is the senior religious official of their appointed temple. In the glory days of the Empire, there may have been hundreds or thousands of temples throughout Kilrathi space. An exact number was never verified.

With the Cabrea Temple of Sivar standing alone as the only one of its kind in the sector, Jaqtar Osa Ja'targk is now unofficially recognized as the senior-most authority on Kilrathi religion in the Enigma Sector.

ESC shareholders up in arms

November 11, 2731

This is your weekly ESNN business update.

The most recent ESC joint shareholders meeting was unusually contentious, as a small but highly organized group of investors made their grievances known.

"I've had it up to here," complained one dapper silver-haired man. "Up to here, you understand?" He gesticulated with his hands, in case the point hadn't come across.

"We demand that something be done!" shouted another, waving his briefcase in the air.

This was followed by a cacophony of similar calls, abruptly ending when a peroxide blonde woman in a navy blue pantsuit rose to her feet; she was evidently the ringleader. A ticker at the bottom of the screen identifies this woman as ARIANNA VON DERWAALS, the fabulously wealthy widow of a nanomolecular adhesive magnate.

"My dear Mr. White," the woman began in a fashionably nasal voice, turning all attention to the ESC bureaucrat presiding over the meeting. "The situation in New Zurich has simply become inTOLerable."

"I assure you, Frau von Derwaals-" began Mr. Barnabas White, Director of Investor Relations, but was immediately interrupted.

"Five, Mr. White! Five disgusting little creatures in the last week almost bumped into me! It's enough to make any woman of good breeding faint."

She seemed prepared to do just that, but apparently changed her mind when nobody immediately rushed to her aid.

"In any event," Arianna huffed, clearly annoyed, "my compatriots and I demand that the Consortium do something about the filthy lower classes ruining our beautiful planet with their... filth. And lowness." She paused, uncertain. "Did I already mention filth?"

Mr. White promised to look into the indigent problem, announcing that a special live ESC board meeting would be held in 2 weeks, on Wednesday, November 24, 2731, to discuss possible solutions.

He then moved quickly on to more pressing business, which was a proxy vote on raises for C-level executives. The measure passed by the overwhelming margin of 3 in favor, 117 against, with a large number of abstentions. ESC member corporation stock prices rose 3.3% on the news.